June 2015 Q&A

Greetings from my little corner of the world! Today I got a little ambitious and decided to make two posts in one day. This is a little bit lighter than my last post… I’m just going to answer the questions you asked me on Instagram today. Thank you to all who asked! Sorry in advance this is like a novel haha.

1. How do you stay so fab?
• Ooh this made me blush. I think that we are all fab from the moment we are born (like woah, major throwback). But I think it’s because I smile often, get lots of sleep, and eat lots and lots of good food, my friend!
2. Have you ever been rude to a person?
• I was kind of a sassy little kid, but now that I’ve aged (like a fine cheese) I try my best to be nice to people, but pretty much if I’m rude, that person 100% deserved it whoops.
3. Absolute fave food? (in categories)
• My favorite Luna Bar is White Chocolate Macadamia, my favorite nut butter is Justin’s maple almond butter, my favorite fruit is strawberries, my favorite ice cream is either red velvet cake or birthday cake (because why eatDSC_0018 ice cream when you could have ice cream AND cake?)… I could go on and on…
4. Prettiest food you’ve ever made?
• Probably these raspberry cheesecake bars —–>
5. Have you ever been in a fight?
• Other than wrestling with my little brother, I have never been in a fight. However once I did push a kid in my kindergarten class off the swing (though I don’t remember my reason for doing so, he surely deserved it too).
6. Favorite summer adventure?
• Boating, tubing, and swimming in the Tennessee river!
7. If you could have the change to know a language without any learning, which one would you choose?
• I can’t imagine not knowing English. However, I’d love to know French because it’s really pretty!
8. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you choose?
• It’s always been a dream of mine to see Costa Rica and all its beaches and rainforests!
9. Have you ever thrown food at someone?
• I threw pudding at my brother and it landed on the window… That didn’t go over well…
10. What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?
• One time I ate raw cookie dough even though the package told me not to.
11. What is your favorite song?
• Ooh that is hard… I really love the song Elastic Heart by Sia and also Blood by The Middle East
12. Favorite TV show?
• I really love Sherlock it makes me happy
14. Best way to eat ice cream?
• From the pint of course!
16. What’s your least favorite color?
• Highlighter yellow. It’s just unnatural.
17. How much do you sleep?
• I typically sleep 8-10 hours like a good little girl (thanks a lot meds)
18. Did you ever watch Hannah Montana?
• THAT WAS MY SHOW!! Embarrassing fun fact: I wanted to be Anna Alabama.
19. Have you been to any concerts?
• Last summer I went to my first concert which was Foster the People, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Weezer (I’m a big alternative fan).

20. Have you ever considered a vegan lifestyle?
• In the depths of my disorder, I went vegan for about a month. I enjoyed the control, mostly. I think it’s pretty disordered to restrict your food in such a way, labeling things “can” and “can’t”, which was definitely the way I used it at the time. At least for me right now, it doesn’t seem right or helpful. If I were to ever go vegan or vegetarian, I would definitely splurge every now and again, and I would make sure to be fully recovered for a long time before considering to do it again.

And lastly these asked by none other than Urska all the way in Slovenia… they made me smile so I had to answer them.
21. What’s your favorite thing about me?
• I would have to say that my favorite thing about you would be your sense of humor. I really appreciate that in a person and you never fail to make me laugh! If I could hear your laugh, I’m sure it’s beautiful!
22. What superlatives would you use to describe me?
• Urska is definitely so friendly, so intelligent (seriously, her English is perfect), kind, gives great advice, has a great sense of humor, has incredible taste in books, and all of that muddles down to a wonderful human being that I am glad to call friend!
23. Why am I your faOtter Pup Pals   8x10 Nursery Art Print New Baby by ohhellodear, $20.00ve person in the entire world?
• You are my fave person in the world because we have never even met and we are four years apart and yet I feel so close to you and everything you experience I can relate so much to and I think there was a special reason why I came into the Instagram community and “met” you. I’m not even joking, some day, we are going to meet and it’s going to be freaking awesome. Love you pretty girl ❤


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