10 Things I’ll Tell Anyone Who Will Listen

I was inspired by Lauren (@idkoceans) on Instagram who wrote a beautiful list of ten things she would tell her future daughter. I decided to makDSC_0490logoe my own list of things I would tell anybody who was willing to listen. Recovery has taught me many of these things about life and living, and I want to share these life lessons with you guys. Here you go, I hope you like it.

10 Things I’ll Tell Anyone Who Will Listen-

1. You can and will be your own best friend and worst enemy. You have the choice to wake up every day and ask yourself, “Am I going to start fresh and be nice to myself today or am I going to hold onto the past and beat myself up about it?”
2. The world is beautiful and so are you, despite what news castings, salesmen, and insecure people try to make you believe.
3. My therapist once told me “Try everything, because it will either be a good time, a good lesson, or both.” Over the next year, I accepted recovery, I rode my first rollercoaster, I fell in love, and I never looked back on my old life.
4. Every now and again, listen to music without words. It will connect you to your soul, it will make butterflies rise in your chest, it will remind you that you are human.
5. Numbers are stupid. If you want to be a mathematician that’s a different story. But generally, those numbers that measure your success like money, like weight, like your grades in school, those are the numbers of self worth, you should not give them a second thought. They are corrupt and will devour your happiness, not slowly, but by big chun0PinkDogwood_HDR4editks, and they will leave gaping holes in your heart.
6. Eat vegetables and fruits. They are nature’s gift just like you are. And have you ever heard of anybody that died of eating too many fruit salads?
7. Someday, your heart will break and you will lie in bed for days and your eyes will well up with tears at the mention of the things that broke your heart. I want you to remember that it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to take time, and that it’s not okay to give up forever. You’ve got to pull yourself up, get some help, remember that puppies and kittens exist, remember all the other simple pleasures in life, and move on.
8. You don’t have to agree with what others think, but you also don’t have to treat differently because they are different than you. Everybody deserves the same respect. People are like little pieces of paper and they retain and remember every tear and fold you put in them. Another little metaphor offering advice: be a fountain, not a drain.
9. Never stay with somebody who only asks you questions about how your day was or where you want to go for dinner or only wants to gossip, no matter the kind of relationship. Stay with somebody who wants to know your favorite songs so they can learn the lyrics to sing along with you, somebody who asks about your past and they love you despite what you have done, somebody who will ask what the loneliest hour of the night is and never leaves your side during that hour. Stay with somebody who asks what your favorite chocolates are, so that they can surprise you after a long day. And if that person asks what pulls at your heartstrings, what brings tears to your eyes, and what you worry about at night, then you should keep them forever and never let them go. Somebody who doesn’t do these things does not deserve you or your time or your feelings.
10. There is always somebody that loves you. Maybe they’re not even on this earth anymore, maybe they’re not even human, maybe they have never told you that they do. But don’t ever forget it: you’re loved.

Thanks to all who read this entire thing,



4 thoughts on “10 Things I’ll Tell Anyone Who Will Listen

  1. Thanks for sharing this, it made me cry! It’s so wonderful and true what u said- thank u so much, that’s really what i needed right now ❤
    Have a wonderful week 🙂


  2. this was so beautiful to read. I agree with number nine completely as I’ve been there and done that and thought that it was just how life was supposed to be. And numbers are stupid, you’re right. They have done nothing but harm in my life, including math class… the worst!


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