10 Things I’ll Tell Anyone Who Will Listen

I was inspired by Lauren (@idkoceans) on Instagram who wrote a beautiful list of ten things she would tell her future daughter. I decided to makDSC_0490logoe my own list of things I would tell anybody who was willing to listen. Recovery has taught me many of these things about life and living, and I want to share these life lessons with you guys. Here you go, I hope you like it.

10 Things I’ll Tell Anyone Who Will Listen-

1. You can and will be your own best friend and worst enemy. You have the choice to wake up every day and ask yourself, “Am I going to start fresh and be nice to myself today or am I going to hold onto the past and beat myself up about it?”
2. The world is beautiful and so are you, despite what news castings, salesmen, and insecure people try to make you believe.
3. My therapist once told me “Try everything, because it will either be a good time, a good lesson, or both.” Over the next year, I accepted recovery, I rode my first rollercoaster, I fell in love, and I never looked back on my old life.
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A Recovering Girl’s Guide to Clothes Shopping

Hello, and good afternoon from my little corner of the world! Today I’m going to write about something that has been very relevant for me recently… Clothes shopping!0_80fad_cb83ac33_orig Sounds like fun right? Clothes shopping in recovery is often NOT fun for somebody in recovery from an eating disorder, because there is often weight gain and body image issues involved. You are most likely not going to leave the store looking like this woman in the picture! With gaining weight, you will indefinitely come to the obstacle of outgrowing clothes. Due to my bulimia, I have gained quite a bit over my set weight and I’ve been clothes shopping quite a lot recently. It’s nothing to be ashamed of though! Think of it as expanding your wardrobe and treating yourself! Also, it’s perfectly okay to still fit into most of your clothes and just want a few more items to boost your confidence 🙂 Continue reading

Recovery “Ambivalece”

I was forced into seeing a therapist and dietician when I was first diagnosed with anorexia, all the way back in October of 2012. Firstly, I was in denial that I even had an eating disorder because I was “far too normal looking to have one.” When it did finally dawn on me that I’m not really acting normal, I became obsesseDSC_0433d with living up to my diagnosis. At every trip to my dietician, I would load up on water and wear heavy jewelry and clothes, and I’d still lose weight. I wasn’t convinced I was sick enough for years, and my weight would go up a little and down a little over a few months, but I was never committed to my own health.  Every time I was threatened with inpatient, I’d scream insults and say that they would ruin my education (the second thing most important to me at the time). The truth is, I wouldn’t ruin my education , but if something wasn’t done, I’d ruin my life forever.

However, I am only able to realize this looking back.

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Cheer Up! (Link Love!)

Hey everybody! I just wanted to share some fun links with you guys (the blogging world calls it “link love”), because I think they’re a great idea to help banish boredom and distract us from behaviors when we need a little distraction. Without further ado, I present to you, my list of links for the week!

Let me know in the comments if you want me to continue doing these! 🙂

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S’mores Bites

On the instagram recovery community,there is a shocking number of people who have never tried s’mores before. S’mores quest bars and other flavored treats do not do traditional S’mores justice. In case you didn’t have time to make a whole campfire just to roast your marshmallows, I have crafted a recipe for baked s’mores that will make you realize the true amazingness of a campfire s’more. Continue reading

Why I Have Decided To Stop The Writing Challenge

Hey friends!

So for the past few weeks, I’ve slowly been answering prompts to a writing challenge that I’d found on the Pinterest. I have decided to stop answering these prompts.

Although I thought they made my blog more personal, I really am not accomplishing the things I had initially wanted to accomplish with my blog. I really want to post things that will help others with their recovery and I feel like self acceptance prompts should be done in a personal journal or something, not necessarily on the internet for the whole world to see. I also want to freedom to post whatever I want, not following a list of things I feel obligated to post about.

That’s about all I wanted to pop in and say! If you have anything in particular that you would like me to post about, please let me know in the comments 🙂

Love and inspiration sent your way!



June 2015 Q&A

Greetings from my little corner of the world! Today I got a little ambitious and decided to make two posts in one day. This is a little bit lighter than my last post… I’m just going to answer the questions you asked me on Instagram today. Thank you to all who asked! Sorry in advance this is like a novel haha.

1. How do you stay so fab?
• Ooh this made me blush. I think that we are all fab from the moment we are born (like woah, major throwback). But I think it’s because I smile often, get lots of sleep, and eat lots and lots of good food, my friend!
2. Have you ever been rude to a person?
• I was kind of a sassy little kid, but now that I’ve aged (like a fine cheese) I try my best to be nice to people, but pretty much if I’m rude, that person 100% deserved it whoops.
3. Absolute fave food? (in categories)
• My favorite Luna Bar is White Chocolate Macadamia, my favorite nut butter is Justin’s maple almond butter, my favorite fruit is strawberries, my favorite ice cream is either red velvet cake or birthday cake (because why eatDSC_0018 ice cream when you could have ice cream AND cake?)… I could go on and on…
4. Prettiest food you’ve ever made?
• Probably these raspberry cheesecake bars —–>
5. Have you ever been in a fight?
• Other than wrestling with my little brother, I have never been in a fight. However once I did push a kid in my kindergarten class off the swing (though I don’t remember my reason for doing so, he surely deserved it too). Continue reading